Artwork Collection

For us, celebrating the beauty of the handmade object doesn't end with jewellery. We are always inspired by fellow artisans and find great joy in curating a collection of our favourite Australian and Indigenous Australian artists to share with you. ⁠⁠

Jade Lister-Buttle

We are thrilled to have collaborated with Jade Lister-Buttle to present a series of exclusive paintings for your favourite space in your home. Jade is an honest, true and deeply passionate Australian contemporary artist; painting what she sees, feels, experiences and hopes for. While she lets her intuition drive her, Jade always draws from a connection to where she is from and the women who inspired her along the way.

Lily Nicholson

Living on Australia’s far south coast on a seaside farm with
her husband and two sons, Lily Nicholson finds painting a meditative process. With her love of colour, Lily loves nothing more than refining the perfect colour palette, with the intention of impacting the viewers mood, whether that’s to bring joy to your day, calm or sooth. Discover Lily’s artwork below.