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The Bespoke Process FAQs

Our Bespoke FAQ's endeavour to answer the most commonly asked questions from our clients about our Bespoke Process. If you have general questions, please see our General FAQ's here. 



What is your bespoke service?

While all of our pieces are custom made and include small personalisation’s, our bespoke service offers an elevated process which allows for full inclusion of the client from the initial design concept, through stone sourcing and refining of final details. Our bespoke team will facilitate and offer guidance throughout this process, allowing the client to fully realise their ideas and create a piece which is truly unique and built just for them. To learn more about our bespoke service, see here. 

Do I need an appointment to talk about a bespoke design?

If you wish to discuss a bespoke piece or something special such as wedding bands we always prefer you to book you an appointment. This is to ensure that the right person is here to help, and that we can create a special, one-on-one experience tailored to you. You can request a consultation here. 

How long does the bespoke process take?

Everything we do is hand crafted to order by our small team of jewellers, with our specialised bespoke work being exclusively crafted by only one or two of our master jewellers. Once the design is finalised and stones have been sourced, the wait time for production of bespoke pieces averages at about 10 - 12 weeks. We always encourage clients with a specific proposal date or occasion in mind to allow a little extra time when planning, just to ensure we can provide a smooth turnaround. For more details on the bespoke process, see here. 

Can I still work with you to create a bespoke piece if I am not local?

Absolutely! Our bespoke process can take place either remotely – via email, over the phone or video call – or in person. When it comes to selecting your stone, we present several options for you to choose from and if you’re unable to make it to our Avalon studio to view these in person, we present HD videos and imagery of the stones to give a true to life visualisation of your options.

How do you source stones?

We work with a trusted network of suppliers who are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, based both locally and internationally, depending on what we are searching for. The stone sourcing process is often an evolving one and can take some time if we are searching for a rarer cut or colour, but it’s always worth it when we find the perfect stone. We generally source and present several options to the client to review and select from.

Do you make other bespoke pieces, not just engagement rings?

Yes! From milestone birthdays to first babies, wedding anniversaries or even just as a gift to yourself, our bespoke service is completely open ended and not just for engagement rings. Our bespoke team have created necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and everything in between. We pride ourselves on being as accommodating as possible, and open to all concepts that are within our scope of style.

How do I find my ring size, or my partners?

You can order our ring sizer here, to be delivered directly to you to measure your size at home. We have also created a helpful video, detailing ways to find not only your ring size, but that of your partners. You can view this video on our IGTV here. 

You can always visit our Avalon Showroom, and our team will be more than happy to assist. If you are unable to visit us, being professionally sized by your local jeweller is always a good option where possible - just ensure to be given a size in Australian sizing, as well as an inside diameter measurement of the ring sizer - as these tools can vary between jewellers. Always remember that your hands will be different sizes, so a ring that fits your right-hand ring finger, may not always fit your left hand.

Can I pay for my bespoke piece in instalments?

Once the design and quote has been finalised, we require a 50% or 75% deposit, dependant on the value of the stone, in order to start production. Upon completion of the piece the remaining balance is then due.

What are my options if I don't have time to go through the bespoke process?

Our One of a Kind collection features a variety of uniquely designed jewellery pieces that are available for immediate purchase. These range from engagement and cocktail rings, wedding bands, to earrings and necklaces, and are designed in line with our specialised bespoke process. They feature specifically sourced, unique stones and exceptional design elements that our design/bespoke team combine to create an exclusively individual piece.

Once sold, these pieces are no longer available, as only one of each exists, however similar pieces can be recreated through our bespoke service. View the current collection here. 

Another option, is our Vintage Collection. Twice a year, our founder, Natalie and head designer, Em work with a British antique jewellery specialist and make selects for the NMJ store. At NMJ, we also source a small selection of reproduction antique pieces - this essentially means pieces that are handcrafted using traditional techniques to replicate antique styling. Crafted recently, these pieces are made from new metals but often feature old stones. Most vintage pieces have lived several lifetimes and there’s something so special about something that holds so many stories and memories. View the current collection here. 

Do you offer re-modelling?

Unfortunately, we do not re-model existing jewellery. 

Do you work with customer supplied stones?

Unfortunately, we do not work with client sourced stones. If you have a specific type of stone or gem that you were hoping to use in a bespoke piece, please email our team at so we can look into the possibility of sourcing one for you through our trusted suppliers.

Do you work with heirloom jewellery/stones?

At this stage we are unable to take on client sourced stones or existing jewellery. We are so honoured that you thought of Natalie Marie for such a significant piece and while we sadly can’t help you with this one, hopefully we can work together in the future to make you something beautiful.

I live overseas and the bespoke team has created a piece for me. Will I have to pay duties and taxes?

Occasionally, dependant on the recipient country and the relevant import laws, duties and taxes may be payable. As the recipient, you are liable for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the country you are shipping to; payment of these is necessary to release your order from customs on arrival. We always recommend checking local regulations surrounding this as it varies between states and countries. 

Where should I get my bespoke ring cleaned?

We always recommend bringing your bespoke piece back to us for cleaning and servicing, which is a complimentary annual service we offer. It’s important to bring your ring to us for servicing in order to maintain its warranty, which we be voided if another jeweller works on the ring. If you need help organising the return of your ring to our studio, just reach out to our studio team.

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