The Handmade Process

Made to order by hand

NMJ pieces are mindfully handcrafted, predominantly in our in house Sydney studio. We pride ourselves on creating not only a safe and healthy working environment for our team of jewellers, but also a nurturing and supportive platform for their growth as jewellers and professionals in their field.

We encourage and support skill development and personal growth with a focus on creating a positive and enjoyable workspace. Using hand tools as opposed to heavy machinery lessens our carbon footprint, while selecting non toxic compounds for use in the studio reduces our environmental impact. 

Some of our bespoke and One of a Kind pieces are manufactured by our independent Master Jewellers, located in Sydney but outside of our studio. These jewellers are highly skilled, with decades of experience and they choose to work from their own independent workshops. We work closely with these jewellers everyday and spend a lot of time sitting with these masters to expand our own knowledge and collaborate on design work. 

We have recently partnered with accredited facilities both in Sydney and overseas to facilitate the expansion of our production to meet a growing demand, while we work on building out our own team to facilitate this in house. You can read more about our manufacturing avenues here.

The designing of a collection

First, our designers Natalie and Em begin sketching. As shapes, forms and details start to develop on paper, they begin exploring the stones which will suit the newly formed collection story.  

Sourcing these stones is always an involved process, generally we find rough material and then have the collections shapes custom cut. 

From pen and paper, to the bench

Designer Em will then demonstrate to our skilled team of jewellers how to create each piece, a hands-on process to ensure the team can confidently create each piece to the finest detail, from millgrain detailing to exact measurements and stone setting. We create just one final sample of each piece in the collection to reducing waste, and then once the collection launches, each piece is handmade to order just for you.

Your order's journey

When you select a collection piece either online or in our showroom, your order is carefully processed by our online team, taking care to note all of the details to make your piece unique. From your metal carat and colour finish, to specific stone requests or engraving, there are many ways we can work with you to personalise a collection piece. We then select and order the materials and stones needed to bring your piece to life.

We have a small, specialised team of jewellers working on the production of our pieces, and we work to turn orders around as efficiently as possible. Different pieces require different processes and different amount of time to craft, so production times do vary from piece to piece. The priority of our jewellers is always quality and attention to detail, and while our studio is very busy place, a great deal of care and attention is dedicated to the making of each piece. 

The final check

Once your piece is complete, our jewellers will then quality check each piece individually by hand to ensure they are perfect and exactly to the specifications set out by Natalie and Em.

With love from NMJ.

The final hands to touch your piece ensure that it is carefully packed and wrapped to be safely delivered. Wherever we send your piece, whether it be across seas, soaring through the sky or travelling along roads, it arrives filled with sentiment and care, from a handwritten note to our signature care kit - exuding love from the moment it lands on your door step to be with you forever.