How to create your own Bespoke piece.

Stage 1 - Initial Conversation

This can take place via email, phone call or in store. This is where we gather the basics around your project so that we can assign you to the perfect Bespoke Designer. We also answer as many questions as we can to make the process smooth sailing for you. If requested, we will endeavour to provide ballpark cost estimations at this stage, however this largely depends on the specific stones which are selected later down the track, so these estimations are always broad in their scope.

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Stage 2 - Design Consultation

This is where your allocated Bespoke Designer will work through the process of designing your piece, working to create something personal and unique. You will work closely with your Designer predominantly via email throughout this stage, but further appointments in store or virtual are always available if necessary.

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Stage 3 - Stone Sourcing

Based on the design we have finalised, our team will now ideally source several options for the perfect stone for your piece. At this stage, your Designer will also be able to provide accurate quotes for the finalised design with each proposed stone. We will present these stones to you either in person, or via HD videos and imagery via email. This sourcing stage continues as long as it takes to find the perfect stone. The process can be almost immediate, or for rare or very specific stones, it can take some time, but we are committed to finding the perfect fit for your precious piece.

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Stage 4 - Finalisation of Design and Stone

Once we have found the perfect stone and finalised the design, this is secured with a 50-75% deposit. At this stage, we (Bespoke Customer Service) take over, and send over a deposit invoice and document to sign, outlining our terms and conditions.

Step five of the bespoke process - scheduling and production

Stage 5 - Confirmation, Scheduling and Production

Once your deposit has been received, and terms & conditions signed, your piece will be scheduled for production.

All of our bespoke pieces are made by our master jewellers here in Sydney. The production process can take anywhere between 6-12 weeks, if you have a specific date in mind that you would like your piece by, please flag this at the beginning of the process.

We always recommend waiting to receive your finished ring before booking any special plans for proposals - the nature of handmade jewellery is that there is always the possibility that something could delay at the last-minute delaying delivery. We will be in touch every few weeks throughout this waiting period to let you know how your piece is progressing and to answer any questions you may have.

Stage 6 – Completion

Once your piece is complete, we will be in touch with an image and to request balance payment and delivery instructions. Your Bespoke Designer will be in touch to make sure you are in love with your piece, and to follow up with any specific care instructions.

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Our Bespoke Team would be honoured to work with you to create your forever piece.

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